Our residential pest control service process is simple. Friendly, trained and licensed service technicians perform a thorough inspection of your home and yard to uncover potential issues. We know where spiders, insects, rodents and other pests like to live and lurk, so we’ll pinpoint these places. Then we’ll provide you with a fully customized program to treat and eliminate entry points and nests.


Organizations are not immune to many of the issues that bug homeowners. Your property is home to your business, so don’t let uninvited pests make it their home, too. Your facility’s uniqueness demands a custom-designed pest management and grounds care program. So we understand the nuanced needs that different industries and spaces represent. We’ll work hard to implement the best pest control or grounds care strategies for your particular property.


Our Hospital and Health Care IPM programs are based on a philosophy that incorporates a set of practices that has proven to be the most effective and most environmentally-friendly protocol for pest management in health-related facilities.


Our experience is drawn from over 42years in marine industry. We eliminate and develop prevention and management processes for infestations including cockroaches, mice, rats, bedbugs, flies or fleas. We utilize the most advance techniques in the pest control industry and eradication of infestations on all types of offshore installations, including accommodation platforms, drill rigs and supporting logistics. Our systems can successfully track, monitor and control insect and rodent levels anywhere in the world.


General disinfestations

It is one of the most effective method to control common household pest like cockroaches, flies, lizards, house fly etc,. it is a spraying method the liquid which is eco friendly is sprayed in the infested area. The echo friendly method has the following benefits.

Absolute odorless, stain less.

Totally safe.

Termite Control

Termites are the number 1 pests when it comes to structural damage in homes and buildings. They create pathways even in walls which causes damage to walls. Wood Borers are another form of termites that cause damage to wooden furniture and structure. Lack of timely action causes you to lose your favorite furniture. Red and Black ants are common in homes and its surroundings. They are usually harmless but when provoked they cause infectious bites.


Terminate treatments carried out for Pre and Post Constructions.

Cockroach Control

Cockroaches are mainly found in small crevices in kitchen, rooms, junction of walls, etc. They grow to large number in a short span of time. They roam the kitchens, bathrooms contaminating foods causing severe health problems.


Cockroaches are eliminated by spraying chemicals that kill the cockroaches in the open. They are also terminated by using chemical balls and gels.

Gel treatment

Advanced gel treatment method to control cockroaches It provides total & effective method to control cockroaches. Gel treatment where in the highly potent active ingredient is applied at all cockroaches’ hideouts. This result in control of cockroaches & gives sustained relief to human beings.

Rodent Control

JPC provides rodent control treatments. Our techinicans have the training, equipment, experience and research backup to rid your permises of rats - keep them free.

Bed Bugs

The bed bug capable of passing diseases from one to another. The salivary fluid injected by bed bugs causes the skin to become irritated and inflamed. The resulting irritancy of the anti-coagulant chemical around the bite site can be severe, particularly to people with soft skin.

General Cleaning and One-time deep cleaning

We carry out building cleaning, pressure washing, lawn services, floor services, carpet and upholstery cleaning and tile & natural cleaning among others. We also undertake cleaning contracts on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and provide customized service packages for specific needs of customer.

Water Tank Cleaning

We specialize in cleaning all types of water storage tanks of any specification for potable water, covering concrete, plastic, poly, fiber glass and GI water tanks. We use our unique system to remove sediment build up from the tank bottom and guarantee clean, clear and safe water for consumption.