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Pests for ‘all seasons’ rats & mice are serious pests because of their ability to spread a number of disease and the damage they can cause to food products and buildings. The disease they can spread including food poisoning, some parasitic and viral disease, wails disease is caused by a bacterium found in the urine of rats.

General Pests Control Dubai

The common house flies are uncommonly dangerous, probably the most dangerous pest of all. This is because it is so difficult to control and has the ability to spread a large number of diseases, particularly those linked with food.

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Like wasps and bees, ants are social insects. They nest underground and are close to or under buildings. They can cause contamination problems.

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Wasps do not spread infectious disease in the same way that flies and cockroaches do, but they can contaminate food and can deliver a painful sting, which to hypersensitive individuals can be life threatening.

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Fleas are parasites of warm blooded animals like cats and dogs. Most domestic infestations are caused by cat or dog fleas.

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Cockroaches are another serious public health pest because they can spread a large number of gastro-intestinal and other diseases. American and German species of Cockroaches are very common in Dubai.
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Bedbugs are practices that feed on human blood. They are found anywhere in humans live. During day time they hide in cracks and crevices in furniture and fabrics at night they come out for their blood meal. If no suitable host is available bedbugs can survive for months.

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Red back spider
Is posinious and now very common in Dubai. Its bite can cause acute pain and even lead to anaphylactic shock.

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Insects that damage fabrics or contaminate food.

Their are number of insects that damage fabric or contaminate food, including all sorts of beetles, weevils and moths. They contaminate and food products and some may cause damage to clothes and furnishings.

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